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    Clinical Research Of South Florida (CRSF)

    Research Center, Coral Gables, FL


    Clinical Research of South Florida (CRSF)
    is a full service r
    esearch center managed by board-certified practicing physician, Dr. Jeffrey B. Rosen,  associated with a busy family medicine practice.  The supervising physician has over 30 years of experience in clinical research.  He has successfully completed more than 300+ studies enrolling over 3,000+ patients.

    Annually, over 35,000 patients are treated in our offices.  Five doctors on premises supervise an experienced research team conducting a wide variety of sophisticated medical studies.  CRSF specializes in phase II, III, and IV clinical studies.

    CRSF is a founding member of the Alliance of Multispecialty Research (AMR)AMR is an alliance of 23 independently owned sites across the U.S - who have joined together.  AMR is not an SMO.

    Please visit: www.amrllc.com for more information

    We serve in Coral Gables, CA.


    We also offer:

    Clinical Research, Medical Research, Clinical Studies, Research Service